The Weakest Link

Published December 19, 2020

What is it?

The recently published BS 8539 is the first British Standard that provides recommendations for the safe selection and installation of anchors for use in concrete and masonry.

Main causes of fixing failures:

  • Wrong fixing being selected, or fixing not designed
  • Specified fixing being changed without proper care or certification
  • Poor Installation, untrained installers.
  • Short-cuts on site, often hidden.  

The intention of BS 8539 is to provide practical on site standards and guidance for designers, specifiers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, installers and testers of anchors. BS 8539 is also linked to the relevant European regulations, especially with respect to selecting products with the correct ETA’s for each application.

BS 8539 is aimed at the use of anchors into concrete and masonry and is intended to facilitate all the stakeholders involved in the design, selection and use of anchors to achieve the design intent with safety and security.

If anchors are not selected and installed correctly, they may not have the capability to resist the intended loads. The safety and security of the fixture, in some cases, the structure, can easily be compromised, leading to failure with consequential economic loss, injury, or even death.

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